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Author Topic: Chatham Comprehensive Plan  (Read 9755 times)
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« Reply #75 on: April 12, 2017, 03:18:52 PM »

 How about we call this one a day and get to know each other better before we go at it.    Idea

That is exactly what one should have expected from such a long term poster and grand teacher of all who enter the lair.  

Full late disclosure.   Not new to Chatham and not new to this board.  Been here (on this board ) over 10 years.   Gene's little playground here is quite the social experiment.  Remember well the discussions about banning posters, and playing by the rules when lines were perceived to be crossed.  

Know of many many postings from the likes of Pi, Peaceful, Randy Voller, Meg Miller, Christianhusband, MamaCash, Donnie Spring, Conehead, Silk, UNC70, Foggy, 1911, Bill Crawford, Brian Bock, SRVfan, Sofaking, Zorro, Axio, Integrity Ticket, Rabit, CCoach, Yip, Chatbooks, Jack Stevens,  heck I could go on and on.   btw JF, I seem to remember you having expertise in some part of the auto business, correct?  If so, was hoping you would have chimed in on this whole discussion about what happened to Chatham County auto dealerships.   Smiley

This was an experiment, poorly designed, but did validate something ( to me )   To remind all, this is what started whole thing.  A comment and questions.  1911 took the High Road.  Pi took the road often travelled by Pi.  

Did she say she was upset?  I thought I read it had not been forgotten.  Not the same.    Agree?

Not trying to pick a keyboard fight here (one that I would surely lose miserably imho after reading some of Pi's posts)  but, for goodness sake it might be time to slow the vitriol against Rabit in this thread.  This thread, not one from however many whatevers ago where she was less than positive to someone.  

This is an opinion and only an opinion.  No facts or absolutes to be debated, just a run on sentence or two expressing a personal opinion;    If people cannot come here and have discussions, or reasonably challenge something that has been said, without being called ignorant, humorless, self righteous, foolish, etc., in long stream of consciousness responses, then, none of us will enjoy the full benefit of this great community because many are going to stay away, leave, or just lurk.  If people new to this board, make a post that is viewed as less than in line with the views of the vocal "old timers" and are attacked for it, well, same result.  

  If you can call 40+ years in the car business expertise then I guess I know a little bout it. First off I never worked here so what the inner workings that lead to their closing is not known to me. But it can't more than a couple of reasons, A they were old stores and the owners made their money and moved on or there was no one to take the business over and no buyers because of market size to make it worth it to take the over.   A lot of the story is probably that these stores were under an old version of the franchise agreements when the factories could NOT force you to spend millions to upgrade the stores to follow the new corporate look and rules.  There is nothing cheap about the upgrades and not to mention the new building rules  to make the local governments happy with code compliance.

  The last place I worked for had to spend in excess of 3 million to meet every bodies  requirements and that did not include to purchase if the building property and franchise which was over 12 mil. so you can see why people got out and the point just died off.  Not to mention government involvement in the closing of stores and they decide who stayed and who went based on knowing nothing about the business at all.  I know of several store that were well run and profitable store that lost their franchises and store that barely made it  that were allowed to keep their franchises.

  The suspicions and not unfounded were made based on who the owners supported politically funny that the vast majority that lost were backing repubs.  So for those of us on the inside started to see a pattern.

   As for Rabbits experience at the local dealers I wasn't there and I don't know. I only have her word for that something happened but I don't know what. I could have gotten heated which can happen and somebody decided that the best thing to do was walk away from the sale and yes we do/did walk away from some people who are too much of a pain to deal with because if it starts that way it just never gets better from that point on. Nobody needs the brain damage.

  She was free to take her money and walk.  Sometimes it's just bad chemistry between the buyer and the seller and you cant mix oil and water.  I know this if nothing else that as long as everybody involved is reasonable it works if that can't happen nothing happens.

  If it a looser nobody needs it you do what you can and that's it. What was or wasn't said to her to pi** her off only she and the other party know and we only have her side of the store and we don't even know what got it to the point of her being insulted or at least her perception of being insulted.

  People in the car business are no different than anybody else, they have families and homes and attend churches like everybody else.  And this may come as a shock they have feelings too. There are people that just look down their noses at us and they don't even try to hide it and we give it back in kind but not without trying to get a deal done. But in the it's on the both of the parties  to once again be reasonable if it doesn't happen we have to part company and move on.

   In my career I simply have never tolerated being abused or talked down to by anybody I didn't do it to them and have never taken it from them.  We have been called liars and thieves for as long as there has been a car business but I know also that a deal can go either way and lord know that usually there are liars on each side of the desk cause both parties are selling something to the other.

  IE did you know that every trade in I have gotten was in excellent condition bad tires sratches and dents not withstanding cause we didn't pay for tires paint work and body work so since the dealer got all that for nothing it should not matter as to the value of the trade not to mention that the new car they were trying to sell they got for free so the price was all profit and the byer has a right to get it for whatever they think it should be.

  This is getting long and I'll stop here.

I'd rather of dealt with a local non spiffed/glitzed up dealership. Just didn't happen then. I was buying "american" that year and that vehicle served me well for close to 15 yrs. before another need kicked in.
More recent than that 1990 purchase on another purchase, had to have some warranty/recall work done via one of those spiffed up dealerships. It was a nightmare of 6 trips to get the job done right~they are mud with me to say the least both as a dealership and absolutely as a 'service' center.

I'm thankful for a local mechanic that knows my brand inside and out here on out!
John Florida
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« Reply #76 on: April 12, 2017, 03:46:26 PM »

  You have/had the right to deal with anybody you want to and so do the dealers is all I'm saying in or out of county. You're free to buy whatever you want and so does anybody else where and when they want without any repercussions from anybody.

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