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Author Topic: Illegal Immigration and crime facts.....liberals are going to HATE these facts.  (Read 303 times)
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The facts about the increased crime rates among people who break the law seem......too simple to debate...yet some liberals seem in denial of the obvious. Let us introduce facts into the conversation.....not to convince a liberal, which is appears impossible on it's face, but to offer to impartial observers the facts needed to come to honest conclusions about what is actually happening and what we might then do about it.

<Obviously, the offenses people are convicted of in federal courts are not local crimes but federal ones. According to the statistical report's Table 3A, the top category of offense for those found guilty in U.S. district courts nationwide in fiscal 2014 was immigration offenses. 23,871 defendants nationwide were found guilty of those. 23,387 were found guilty of drug offenses. 12,617 were found guilty of violent crime.

It is a fair conclusion from the Justice Department's data that if the federal government does not enforce our southern border, it must do much more to enforce our federal laws just north of it.>

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