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 on: December 10, 2017, 07:18:09 PM 
Started by Wilderness Voice - Last post by John Florida
What happened here is that the victim was victimized twice the second time was by the court!!     She needs hellfire for what was done to that child at her and her friends hands.   Where are the riots where is the outrage where are the black leaders all the usual cast of characters that turn up???

  All the race pimps that show up where are they!!  I have an autistic grand child and if that was him that got brutalized I would not rest till each and every one that was involved in this would be on the receiving end of unspeakable horrors including the judge the prosecutor and the defense lawyer.

  And would happily go the meet my maker with a smile on my face!!   An eye for an eye is for pansies!!


 on: December 10, 2017, 03:12:21 PM 
Started by Wilderness Voice - Last post by Wilderness Voice

Prayers this young lady gets the spiritual & mental health help she’s desperately in need of ~ our nation is just getting weird. If this video would of been of a dog or cat being tortured, the outcome would of been much different in court ~ the perversion of politics.  The mentally challenged victim was held hostage for 3 days by this group

A 19 year old Chicago woman who live-streamed the racially charged kidnapping, torture and mutilation of a mentaly disabled teen was given 200 hours of community service and four years of probation on Friday.

Brittany Herring Covington - who went by "Herring" on Social Media before her arreest, and "Covington" in recent reports, avoided a possible 33 years in prison on multiple counts, including a hate crime, aggravated battery and aggravated kidnapping - a charge which was dropped along with several others as part of a plea agreement.

 on: December 10, 2017, 12:23:34 PM 
Started by Muddylaces - Last post by 1911A
I'm looking forward to seeing Hillary and Obongo go to prison, but I'm not holding my breath.

And for the record, NO, I don't think Judge Moore did anything untoward.

Why was Moore banned from trolling a mall then?
Moore is right in there with Hastert and Sandusky in way of wrong doings with minors...just in his case was with opposite sex. Statute of limitations shouldn't apply. Didn't with them, shouldn't with him.

He wasn't banned from a mall -- more Fake News.

Try to keep up.

 on: December 09, 2017, 07:18:57 PM 
Started by Muddylaces - Last post by natvrabit
I'm looking forward to seeing Hillary and Obongo go to prison, but I'm not holding my breath.

And for the record, NO, I don't think Judge Moore did anything untoward.

Why was Moore banned from trolling a mall then?
Moore is right in there with Hastert and Sandusky in way of wrong doings with minors...just in his case was with opposite sex. Statute of limitations shouldn't apply. Didn't with them, shouldn't with him.

 on: December 05, 2017, 05:29:49 PM 
Started by Pi - Last post by Pi
The problem, Yip, is that you're pretending as if you're arguing logically when much of this discussion is based on emotion on both sides.  One of the things that alienates people from liberal doctrine is the supposition that the only reason someone could possibly disagree is because they are ignorant.  That's simply not the case.

Look at the gun control argument for a study in ignorance.  I can point to so much misinformation on the liberal side it isn't even funny.  At some point, you may find that no side has a monopoly on the truth.

I'm not an ignorant person.  I'm more intelligent than you are, to be quite honest.  Understand I don't say that to be insulting.  You know this as well as I do.  But that doesn't mean that I'm always right and you're always wrong.  Nobody is perfect.  I'm VERY far from perfect.  I let someone like you get under my skin, which is just about as idiotic as it gets. 

Your'e still dodging the salient point I made about your avatar and MOLLUS.  Of course there is a difference between public and private.  But you have to acknowledge the principle.  Well, I guess you don't really have to acknowledge anything.  But it would be nice if you did.  My goal was to get you to see it from the other side, and agree that sometimes these things aren't so simple.  And that just maybe, you're not arguing from a position of absolute purity.  That was all.

I applaud you for making your case as well as you could.  You assume that with more information, those that currently disagree with you would come around.  I would also point out that there are people that aren't trying to provide more information and convince others.  They aren't doing what you're doing.  Those are the people I am concerned about and I made that clear in the original post.

I've not skimmed over anything in this thread, and I'm quite done repeating myself.  If I had a quarter for every time you've skimmed the posts I've made, I'd have a hell of a lot of quarters.  You get so upset if I am not completely in lock step with you, but then you give next to nothing in return.  That's a level of arrogance I cannot forgive.  If you'd made more of an effort over the years to actually listen to what I said and responded to it, rather than put words in my mouth or create strawmen, we could have been friends.

Yip, the left is falling into the deep end with regard to hate and vitriol.  It isn't the "tiny sliver" that you say it is.  It's only going to get worse.  These wedge issues come up because there are people in power that benefit from dividing us.  I don't know about you but I'm tired of carrying the water for them.  I look around and I see no champions of freedom.  There's just one authoritarian after another that wants to infringe upon my rights "for my own good".

It might be a decade or two from now, but I promise that some day you will look back and the race issues of today and realize that much of what was said was for the purpose of pitting people against one another.  Not as a means of increasing equal opportunity.  But as a means of putting a handful of people in power that had nothing in mind but their own interests.

You keep trying to call me a southern apologist, and it almost seems as if you're accusing me of trying to excuse slavery.  That's not true.  But I'll tell you what Yip.  Calling someone a racist is a terrible thing when it isn't true.  But the accusation only has power if the person on the receiving end is appalled by the accusation.  Keep throwing it around when it doesn't apply, and eventually you get to a saturation point where the accusation doesn't mean anything anymore.

I'm about to that point.  I've been called a racist because I favor capitalism.  I've been called a racist when I disagreed with environmental regulation.  And I think the subtle accusation of racism has even come from you at times.  Certainly the "problematic southern apologist" line alludes to it, doesn't it?  Even though I'm exactly right about the poor people fighting the wars.  Such it has always been and always will be.

Whatever Yip.  The left hangs their hat on the devastating power of false accusations.  That B.S. is wearing thin.  You talk to me about facts and information when I've provided that to you over the years in chapter and verse to the extent one could have written a damn book.  Or two.

No, you're not perfect.  Neither am I.  I guess there are some imperfections you and I are never going to recognize.  Apparently, your BBS crusade to be the contrarian is just another one of those things. 

At the expense of what, you'll never know.

 on: December 05, 2017, 04:51:32 PM 
Started by Muddylaces - Last post by Pi
So wait, are you forgetting the UN sanction led by Obama and company that has cost North Korea over $800 million in annual export revenue? Maybe it hasn't worked exactly the way we wanted it to, but "Not a damn thing" is a real stretch. The latest sanctions are pretty much more of the same policy.

That was my fault because I wasn't clear.  Let me explain.  Whether it is Bush, Obama, Trump, etc.  I am convinced that sanctions are ineffective and "don't do a damn thing" to lessen the threat that we face.  I'm not saying that 800 million is insignificant.  I just find that incongruous with Obama sending a pallet of cash to Iran.  Especially considering that they are an even more serious threat.  What sanctions do most effectively is increase the level of starvation in North Korea.  Even though Obama did send aid on a couple of occasions to North Korea.  Once right after an earthquake.  And again just days before Trump took office.  The timing of that is interesting...
Either way, no matter what we do with regard to sanctions, you can bet that Kim isn't missing any meals.

Please pardon me for the tangent I'm about to get on here.  This is pretty important stuff, in my opinion.  Even though I know you're not really here to actually discuss anything and of course are trying to accuse me of making a mistake while ignoring the ridiculous assertions that Rabit is making.  Other people reading this might actually find it interesting.

When we're dealing with North Korea, Iran, etc., we have to think in terms of the threat level.
1. Are the actions exacerbating the threat or are they diminishing it?  Is it remaining the same?
2. If we can't reduce the threat, what can we do to defend ourselves?

The best solution is a better defensive position.  But I don't mean a military one.  Hopefully Trump isn't dumb enough to get us involved in that.  You know what Vizzini says:

When I say "defense" I mean systems and infrastructure hardening when it comes to resistance to an Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP.  This is something that has been circulated in Congress and the White House since Clinton was in office.  Currently, North Korea has a couple of satellites in orbit.  Incidentally, that satellite has a trajectory that takes it over the United States.  

See here:

You can track these satellites in real time as well.  In my opinion, this is the biggest threat we face from North Korea.  Of course, we mostly hear about the threat of ICBMs on the news.  But those aren't really that big of an issue because they, for some strange reason, don't seem to have mastered the rocketry and guidance issues.  What worries me is the possibility that a nuclear device could be delivered via a satellite and detonated at an altitude of approximately 200 miles.  

That, my lefty friend, is what worries me.  And if all Trump does is keep the status quo, then he's failing to do something that will actually protect us.  An infrastructure failure caused by a high altitude detonation is a nightmare scenario.  Sanctions isn't going to avoid that.  There are enough countries willing to flout the UN and continue to do business with our enemies.

Every Congress and President up until now has dropped the ball on this.  It's not some conspiracy theory nonsense.  it's science.  And we ignore it at our peril.

 on: December 05, 2017, 04:02:11 PM 
Started by Pi - Last post by NC YIPPIE
Well, I think you did kind of dismiss the points I made and attempted to document in relation to the very direct connections many of the troops had to slavery. Even though you provided very little additional evidence to support your 1 in 10 view, you seem to want to call the difference between the two simply a vague matter of opinion. I don't believe that is the case, which is why I took the time to attempt to research and document my claim and I think I did a pretty good job at showing how many were much more directly connected to slavery then it might first appear. Feel free to provide more evidence if you wish to continue debate. As you just said to me though, the best thing you could have done is simply acknowledge the problematic nature of what you're doing in promoting the southern apologist line of reasoning there.

Again, you also seem to be ignoring the fact that a personal statement or choice, is very different from a public representation of something, on public property. I have already acknowledged that Lincoln held some racist views. There again, you also still seem to be under the impression that you have informed me of something about both Lincoln and MOLLUS of which I was not already aware. However, this thread was originally about a public display - not a private display or a subjective personal opinion.

As you may know, I had relatives that fought for both sides, including brothers - with a captain in the Confederacy and a captain in the Union.  I doubt either one was more racist than the other, it really came down to where you happened to live for many of them. As far as social justice, you always seem to cast it as a bad word, or negative thing. In some cases, it can be, like when people stick to an opinion about the facts of an event, even when it is later revealed to be false. It can be a problem when someone is unfairly discriminated against for whatever reason, sure. However, in a larger sense, I simply view it as talk versus action. I get that you 'always try to take the side of freedom' and that is great. However, that might mean you oppose the Civil Rights Act, etc. Opinions vary.

All I am trying to do is to debate what we can attempt to identify as facts. Many of these facts - as I mentioned earlier, have been missing from the news coverage and local debates. I truly believe if people knew everything about the UDC, their stated reasons for erecting these statues - not just today's vague 'what it means' to me pie in the sky - but the cold facts of their opinions, in their own words, it might help the honesty of the discourse. Not just being racist - but actually supporting the KKK as they murdered citizens in cold blood - needs to be part of the discussion here. So yes, I do believe there is - at least in the public debate - a certain amount of ignorance as evidenced by the lack of any real context or research related to the coverage about who built the statues, why they did it and their direct support of the KKK.

Overall, in this discussion, I don't believe it is so much me 'cherry picking' as nobody, at the moment, seems to be supplying much in the way of factual evidence that goes against what I am presenting. I'm far from perfect, but I also certainly not the only one here who could be called out for looking down their nose at others. To me this thread is about the monument and the motivations of those who support keeping it versus those who may want it removed - not just about the tiny sliver of those who have talked about actually tearing it down themselves or whatever. BTW, I have addressed the questions you bring up, but now it appears that you have simply skimmed over much of this discussion, or can't remember. It would be hypocritical to say that I have not done the same once in a while, but I believe I have done the most work in this thread as it stands. I'm perfectly willing to offer consideration to others and wish you would clearly acknowledge that I have said you can support the statue staying without being a racist from the start.

 on: December 05, 2017, 03:19:20 PM 
Started by Muddylaces - Last post by NC YIPPIE
So wait, are you forgetting the UN sanction led by Obama and company that has cost North Korea over $800 million in annual export revenue? Maybe it hasn't worked exactly the way we wanted it to, but "Not a damn thing" is a real stretch. The latest sanctions are pretty much more of the same policy.

 on: December 03, 2017, 10:40:02 PM 
Started by Muddylaces - Last post by 1911A
I'm looking forward to seeing Hillary and Obongo go to prison, but I'm not holding my breath.

And for the record, NO, I don't think Judge Moore did anything untoward.

 on: December 03, 2017, 06:10:35 PM 
Started by Muddylaces - Last post by natvrabit
Glad I gave up on this....I'd be a full-time admin keeping up with Rose, Moore, Frankin....etc.

That's because they are ALL dirt bags.

The real score is..

Dirt Bags: 1,000
Ordinary decent folk: 0

I hope all the sick bastards that abuse people from a position of power all get a55 cancer.

Half the world seems to be run by a bunch of abusive pedophiles.  A pox on all their houses.

 Before anybody leaves their names have to be published nation wide and the tax payer money they used to save their skins HAS to be replaced in total.  Shameless bastards.

Does that also include DJT?

 Are talking about real proof or just talk. I get you hate him but I like the idea of proof better.

It was a Yes or No question and not for you to subject your opinion. I don't hate anyone. Dislike is a different thing. I have full confidence DJT will 'hang' his stupid self. All the rest of us have to worry about is if he takes the rest of us down with his ineptness.
Hang in there with your abysmal 30 something % support groupies for him Roll Eyes
Done here.

1. It isn't for you to chastise John because he gave you a response you didn't like.  This site is nothing but opinions these days.  And any opinion I've ever seen you express has always been without citation or evidence to back it up.

2. If Obama didn't take us down with his ineptness, neither will Trump.

3. If your posts here are any indication, you're one of the most vapid, hateful people I've ever seen.

Donald Trump is President of the United States.  I don't care for the guy either.  But I typed that out for you to read just because I know you hate it so much.

You've got a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Might want to get your head checked.

The Trumpeter is deranged and as Tillerson eloquently said is a MORON. Point on!  If you can't see that with what has taken place so far with this circus act (and golfing his way thru' 1/4 of his tenure), maybe you need to get your head checked!? Trump is golfing for a week while NK is steady intent on wiping UR ars off the map. I'm sure DJT will cast another quirky name for Kim that will get your crowd all aroused about how tough he is Roll Eyes

I GET IT you didn't like the African American Pres., just because...just because.

 You're starting to sound like a racist  really try to control that.  So you want a war with rocket man? Why does Trump golfing bother you Obama golfing wasn't a problem for you or is it cause he's white?

I didn't want war with Iraq, but the lies Bush admin. told got us into that. I see your lapping up little name calling such as Rocket Man to escalate to an even worse outcome fits your 'tough narrative support' of this bozo we've ended up with? DJT was the one that criticized Obama for occasional golf~SAID he'd be too busy WORKING (lol) to leave the WH to even play golf, yet he's spent about 1/4 of his time 'on the clock' @ his golf resorts, playing golf and/or billing the taxpayers for all the merry men secret service etc. for rooms at his resorts farthing his wealth at taxpayers expense for ZIP return.

Wasting 'ink', 'breath' here with you idiots that can't even remotely see the light of how you've been deluded by this idiot, via his Ruskie cronies and crooked family. I look forward to seeing them all go to prison.

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