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Title: Photo history of the construction of Jordan Dam and Lake
Post by: Patty52 on September 14, 2017, 06:44:55 PM
There are some fascinating pictures and notes here.

B Everett Jordan Dam & Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Time for another edition of our Throwback Thursday!

1971 – Construction of the dam began! Demolition of former roads and negotiation with homeowners within soon-to-be floodplain commences.

1973 – In February, the Conservation Council of North Carolina filed a water quality lawsuit which stopped construction for 11 months. Construction resumed in January of 1975.

1974 – Senator B. Everett Jordan passes and the project is named in his honor.

1976 – The Corps issued a “notice to impound” to begin filling the lake. This led to a full court trial by the conservation group that opposed the action. As a result the dam site acted as a dry reservoir with numerous temporary rises in the lake after heavy rainfall events.

1979 – One particular rain event resulted in the lake temporarily filling at 3 feet above normal pool elevation. During the same time testing found some problems with the foundation resulting in modifications being made to the dam.

1981 – Construction of the dam is completed. Filling of the lake began in September.

1982 – In February, the lake reached normal pool elevation; thus completing the project!

Be sure to click on photos for context and more details! (