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Author Topic: Chatham County Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program  (Read 651 times)
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« on: July 13, 2013, 09:09:47 AM »

Why does the County fund a low cost spay and neuter program for low income people yet if a person who finds a stray and does not qualify under the program guidelines cannot get the benefit of encouraging them to have their pet fixed?

Seems to me that a low income person that cannot feed themselves should not have the extra expense of taking care of a pet. Just Sayin...

Chatham County Public Health Department Animal Control Application Low Cost ($20) Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

1.    Name ___________________________________________________________

2.    Address _________________________________________________________

3.    Phone (home) _____________ (work) _____________ (cell) _______________

4.    Annual Incomes of household members _________________________________

(Attach W-2s or most recent tax returns, WIC folder, food stamp card, SSI, or special circumstances letter with other available documents.)

5.    List the members of your household and their ages.



6.    Please list number of Dogs or Cats to be spayed or neutered (up to two):
   Dogs _______  Cats_______

7.    Rabies vaccination information: (Attach copy of rabies vaccination certificate.)
   Tag number ___________________ Expiration date _________________
   Tag number ___________________ Expiration date _________________

   If none, the veterinarian will give one for an additional $5 per animal. Check if
    rabies vaccination is needed. ___________

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