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Yesterday at 09:35:17 AM by Gene Galin
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xx The magic bus is back! Public subsidized funding approved by Chatham liberals
July 30, 2015, 07:03:21 AM by zorro
A major change that the board made to the budget proposed by the County Manager’s Office was providing funds to continue the PBX transit route, which has seen its ridership nearly double over the past five years. [Actual numbers please] The loss of a federal grant meant that Chapel Hill Transit no longer had enough funds to continue the route. [So Chatham NEVER really had to put money into it] The PBX route soon will be provided by Chatham Transit Network, which can operate the route at a savings of approximately $100,000 annually compared to Chapel Hill Transit’s cost. [Bet Chapel Hill Transit used the federal money for the PBX route to support some of their other costs] Crawford said that continuing the PBX route is especially important in a growing county. [Is it really Jim? Prove it!]

“The growth from Chatham Park and other developments means a greater demand for transportation to and from surrounding areas,” he said. [Chatham Park is supposed to be a Work, Live and Play development. Not much need to bus to Chapel Hill] “Public transit reduces traffic on the roads and provides viable options for those who, for various reasons, can’t drive themselves to jobs, hospitals and classes.” [BS Jim. There will be jobs, a hospital and schools INSIDE Chatham Park] County Manager Charlie Horne said that Chatham Transit Network can use existing staff and combine other trips to save money on the PBX route. The $120,740 required in fiscal year 2016 to fund continuation of the PBX route includes a one-time expense of $87,900 to purchase a bus. Afterward, the cost to operate the route is about $40,000, with the town of Pittsboro anticipated to cover some of the cost.
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xx Pittsboro Board Of Commissioners Meeting - 2015-07-27
July 29, 2015, 04:54:17 PM by Jack Stevens
The Pittsboro Board of Commissioners meeting.

Includes several rezone approvals, the planned new water tank, etc.
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xx Call For Artists - Banned Books
July 29, 2015, 10:18:01 AM by Chapel Hill Public Librar
The Chapel Hill Public Library wants artists in Chatham to know about an open call that goes through August 17th. Each fall we use original works of art from local artists to create Banned Books Trading Cards.

We are asking that Chatham's artists join us by putting pen to paper, paint to canvas, and pixels on the screen for a good cause.  The Banned Books Trading Cards project needs original works of art inspired by any book or author that has been banned or challenged. Artists from Orange, Durham, Wake, Chatham and Alamance counties are eligible.

Thanks to a generous grant, this year's program will be the largest it has ever been. The Library is printing 10,000 sets of trading cards that will be sent to any North Carolina school teacher who asks for them. All entries will be on display in Chapel Hill during one of the Library's busiest times of year. The public exposure is only part of why we hope people will participate. Winners are eligible for a cash prize, and will be part of a great tradition of defending free expression.

Details are available on our website at

The August 17th deadline for submission is fast approaching – just one month left to choose a challenged book or author and get your work in to the Library! We hope many will join us in this celebration of Banned Books Week and look forward to seeing what everyone creates!
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xx 2015 Pittsboro Mayoral Candidates
July 28, 2015, 01:18:07 PM by Jack Stevens
Unfortunately, given the track record of PBO elections, she will more than likely win one of the seats and may even turn out to be the one with the highest number of votes.   
Along with Cindy Perry for a mayor.  I have yet to find anyone who has had anything nice to say about her, but a few who have said the opposite. 

Oh I'm afraid I can't agree with you there.  I have always found Cindy to be pleasant to talk to and work with.  She's not a crazed ideallogue type of Democrat. She's represented developers in her time so I wouldn't say that she's anti-development either. I think that she will lead productive meetings without a personal or political agenda.

I'd like to know more myself, but can this be taken to a separate thread?  Either a candidate specific thread or one that encompasses all candidates?
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xx hey all...railroad question
July 28, 2015, 10:30:18 AM by Muddylaces
I was on the 17th green last night at chapel ridge around 7:45pm.   It was dead quiet when I heard a train whistle.   It sounded like it was going through a crossing.    The sound seemed to come from the east.   Does anyone know what line I could have been hearing?
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xx Chatham County’s Park at Briar Chapel opens for limited use on August 1
July 27, 2015, 09:24:35 PM by Gene Galin
Chatham County’s Park at Briar Chapel opens for limited use on August 1

Pittsboro, NC – On August 1, Chatham County Parks & Recreation Department will open the new Park at Briar Chapel to the public, but residents should know that the park has limited amenities at this time. The park is on the corner of Andrews Store Road and Parker Herndon Road and the park opens at 8 am Monday to Friday, except on major holidays.

Park at Briar ChapelAn official grand opening will be held on Sept. 18, 2015, with a movie night and other activities. More information on this event will be announced in August.

“We are opening to the public on August 1, but this really is a work in progress. The park currently has soft ball fields, a soccer field, a multipurpose/football field, and a building with restrooms and concessions,” said Tracy Burnett, director of the county’s Parks & Recreation Department. “You will see some final field prep work going on, so we appreciate your patience.”

Burnett said that other amenities will be added when funds are available. A next phase would include a picnic shelter, playground, walking trail and lighting for two ball fields and dugouts.

Residents can begin making reservations for the park starting Sept. 19. Existing organized sports providers and the schools that already have an agreement in place to use the park will continue to use the park, but other group and individual agreements will not be considered until Sept. 19.

Park visitors can use the existing completed facilities after August 1 as long as the facilities are not rented out. If a facility is reserved, signage is posted at that field. To access online park reservations, visit .

“We know that the demand for all types of athletic fields in this part of the county is high and we will schedule as many as we can squeeze in,” Burnett said. Her office has received requests from schools, youth baseball, adult softball, lacrosse, adult flag football, adult soccer and many others.

Burnett said that residents also have asked for more passive amenities like the picnic shelter, walking trails and playground.  “I hope that we can continue to secure funding to add more and more things to the park that we know will be well used.”
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xx WTVD11 - AC units stolen, damaged at two Chatham County churches
July 26, 2015, 07:46:09 PM by Gene Galin
AC units stolen, damaged at two Chatham County churches
Video at

By Caitlin Knute
Updated 1 hr 25 mins ago
PITTSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Two Chatham County churches within several miles of each other were both hit by thieves this past week. But despite their losses, church staff and members of at least one congregation aren't "losing their cool."

This weekend's services at Mount Gilead Baptist Church in Pittsboro were much hotter than usual after a disturbing discovery earlier in the week.

"Thursday morning when we came in we discovered that of our seven outside air conditioning units that we had, six had been stolen. The seventh had been damaged to where it couldn't be used," says Pastor Dan Robinson.

And a similar scene unfolded at nearby Emmaus Baptist Church, where their AC units were also vandalized. While Emmaus ended up holding their services elsewhere due to the heat, Pastor Robinson's congregation stayed put with a little help from some extra fans and open windows.

Still, it was an inconvenience that wasn't lost on the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

"Because they were taken from churches it impacts potentially hundreds of county residents, so we're taking it very seriously," says Lt. Eric Lindley with the Sheriff's Office.

As for why thieves might steal the units in the first place?

"More than likely it's the raw metal that's in it, particularly copper. It has a high resale value," Lt. Lindley explained.

So far no arrests have been made, although the sheriff's office has been stepping up patrols around other churches. And while they're asking the public to be vigilant, Pastor Robinson is asking for the thieves who hit his church to consider this message:

"We gather together to worship and celebrate God's compassion and love and a different way to live, so what I would say to those people is there is a better way to live."
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xx TBJ - How do Tarheel megasites stack up? N.C. Railroad isn't saying
July 23, 2015, 01:55:46 AM by Gene Galin
How do Tarheel megasites stack up? N.C. Railroad isn't saying

A railroad study to determine how viable North Carolina’s megasites are compared to similar sites in other Southeastern states has been completed, but officials are remaining tight-lipped about the findings.

The N.C. Railroad Co. contracted with Jeannette Goldsmith, of Goldsmith Strategy in Greenville, S.C., to assess the state’s three most touted potential megasites, which are being assembled in hopes of landing North Carolina’s first auto manufacturer.

That assessment — which includes a Chatham County site owned by Tim Booras and D.H. Griffin Sr., along with a site between 12 and 15 miles away in Liberty, as well as one in Edgecombe County, near Rocky Mount — has not been made available to the public or the media.

Although my request for a copy of the report was denied, some details emerged in conversations with N.C. Railroad President Scott Saylor and Dianne Reid, president of Chatham County Economic Development Corp.

Bonnie Renfro, president of Randolph County Economic Development Corp., said the study was helpful, and work already is underway to improve the site based on recommendations, but she directed specific questions about the findings to the N.C. Railroad. A call to the Carolinas Gateway Partnership, which supports Edgecombe's economic development, was not immediately returned.
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xx How they make Bar-B-Que Pork at Brookwood Farms in Siler City, NC
July 17, 2015, 03:25:35 PM by Gene Galin
How they make Bar-B-Que Pork at Brookwood Farms in Siler City, NC

<a href=";rel=0" target="_blank">;rel=0</a>

About Our Slow-Cooking Process

It starts with a commitment to preparing only the best cuts of meats. Before the slow-cooking process begins, the meats are USDA inspected and approved for processing. By 5pm each day thousands of pounds of the best pork shoulders and hams, Boston butts, pork ribs, beef brisket and chicken go into racks inside one of Brookwood Farm’s specially built oven pits. Charcoal is carefully added by the shovel full to assure even, slow-cooked goodness.

The slow-cooking process continues under the watchful eye of a veteran pit master until (usually around 7 am the next morning) he declares, “it’s ready”. The meats are either chopped or pulled and then Brookwood Farm’s proprietary sauces are added. Only Brookwood Farms delivers on its promise of real pit BBQ flavor.
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